Radio New Zealand Interview - MARJAN with KIM HILL

Regensea Founder, Marjan van den Belt, discusses the future seaweed sector in Aotearoa with Radio New Zealand host Kim Hill. An insightful discussion about the possibility of linking traditional economics and new high value markets with a novel regenerative approach to allow all of New Zealand to benefit from seaweed’s ecosystem services including carbon sequestration. Read more from Marjan here.

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Marjan van den Belt
The Role of Seaweed in NZ’s National Aquaculture Strategy

The government’s newly released National Aquaculture strategy projects significant growth in the fish, mussel and oyster aquaculture industries whilst highlighting the need for enhancements in sustainability. It highlights the use of seaweed through IMTA (Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture) to mitigate the ecological impacts of the above industries, however it falls short of recognizing the independent future of the growing seaweed industry.

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Micheal LakemanComment
Why Seaweed?

Seaweed as a product is increasingly useful from an ecological, food and fuel perspective. In this blog, Graham Harris describes some of the uses for seaweeds, illustrating the future potential of the industry, if we are able to regeneratively farm it in New Zealand.

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Graham HarrisComment
A new way of doing business..

Andy Elliott from Wakatu Incorporation provides his insights on a fundamental shift in thinking needed to allow Aotearoa's aquaculture producers better access global markets. The emerging seaweed industry offers one way to shift to regenerative production and to activate higher value pathways to advanced nutrition.

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Andy Elliot