Our Vision:

To work with the power of seaweed and algae to

  • Restore our oceans and aquatic ecosystems

  • sequester carbon

  • provide socially and environmentally responsible business opportunities

  • measurably contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

use intentional system design and adaptive management to ensure sustainable well-being outcomes

Our Mission:

Observe: the need to restore the health of the ocean and the marine ecosystems on which we depend

Analyse: Frame an emerging seaweed sector from a systems perspective for a transition to natural capitalism and a regenerative economy. Scope out the feedback loops and time lags to uncover the most suitable pathways and avoid unintended consequences.

Decide: what are the short, mid and long-term pathways to sequester carbon and sustainably enhance and benefit from ecosystem services; e.g. cultural/spiritual, nutrition/food, feed, fuel, fibre, health

Act: Invite social ecological enterprise with existing and new businesses. drive conducive policy and regulation. provide education and outreach.

Iterate: Monitor progress and seek feedback, providing dynamic adaptation and guidance as the industry grows


Our values


    Build a network of interested individuals and organisations who share our values or want to engage in a dialogue about aquaculture, marine permaculture, seaweed restoration and cultivation and algae in general. We envision engagement with tangata whenua, business, social ecological enterprises, impact investors, government and research.

  • systems thinking

    Use modelling and visualization in a multi-stakeholder process to scope for pathways for an emerging, regenerative seaweed sector.

  • transparency

    Much research is underway and needed. At scoping level, we want to synthesize and share available research ‘for purpose’ and ensure that we understand what information we may expect from research underway as well as research gaps. We wish to better understand the legislative landscape that serves or hinders a regenerative, ecosystem based approach to a seaweed sector.

  • integrity

    Integrity aligns actions with personal values. Learning-by-doing through respectful communication and compassion.