Convergence for Change

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We cannot solve problems with the same thinking that we used when we created them

Albert Eintein

Whilst all individually working on our own novel projects in the seaweed and algae arenas, our team members were unintentionally connected through our common interest and realized that our convergence is a sign that our work in this industry is critically important. We now offer an intentional space to broaden these connections and extend an invite to like-minded people and organizations. Our experiences and interests cover greatly varying aspects of the industry which provides a uniquely broad analysis of the problems we aim to solve. Beyond analysis, we offer experience in synthesis to co-create the solutions we need.



Marjan van den Belt, PhD

Ecological economist

“Seaweed plays a pivotal role in solving our climate and ecological crisis; that is a no-brainer. Seaweed calls on our collective wisdom. Whether we act accordingly; that is a choice.”


Michael Lakeman

evolutionary ecologist

“Humanity is facing challenges at a scale and with an urgency that have never been seen before. We have to move now to tackle those challenges if we want the next generation to inherit an earth that is livable and worth living on. I can't imagine working on anything else but solving those challenges.”


Carli van Zyl


True success lies not only in financial gain, but rather in social and environmental responsibility and building connectivity to other humans. I believe that being profitable does not have to exclude doing good and that impact investing by industry could propel the change we all want to see in the world. We are at a critical point in our children’s future, we need to leverage logarithmically transformative ideas to secure their place in it. I believe seaweed is one of these options.


Graham Harris

INvestment Manager

Using science and year of experience managing large funds, I confidently bridge the cultural gap between technologists and business people, interpreting their languages and perspectives to the other. I see a gap between the science and regulators in the NZ seaweed space and want to work to close this gap in order for us to solve our current climate crisis..